Seven Months after the Coffin Bones Sank

Jan. 7, 2004

Look at the difference! Druid can be a horse again. He has put on weight and is walking comfortably on soft surfaces.

His feet continued to improve. He could only be off the dry lot without his muzzle for a few minutes at a time. Even small amounts of grass would give him digital pulses and make his feet sore. We had to be extremely vigilant about his diet!

Believe it or not, I did not change his diet at all from one photo to the next. The first photo was from Oct. 2003 and the next was from March of 2004. I was feeding the exact same batch of hay. I was still feeding Beet Pulp without molasses and a vitamin and mineral mix.

He was living in a completely dry lot without a blade of grass in it. He was only occasionally out for a few minutes and usually I kept a muzzle on him.I still believe the ulcer medication saved his life!

Jan. 28, 2004

This is before and after a trim. I was doing very little trimming at this point in time. The feet are amazingly tall, but I am sticking with the comfort approach. He felt good, so I was leaving him alone. My only goal was to keep the front and sidewalls in line with his coffin bone. I did not care how tall the feet got as long as they were not dishing or flaring outward.

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Druid's Story

Severe Laminitis

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One Month Later

Sole penetration of the coffin bone

Two and Three Months

Two and Three months after sole penetration

Four Months

Four months after sole penetration

Five Months

Five months after sole penetration, Druid turns the corner.

Six months

Seven months

Eight months

Nine months

Ten months

Eleven months plus

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