Upcoming Clinics

Sacramento California               September 28, 2013

The PHCP Annual Conference Sept 27th - 29th

in Sacramento, CA

Click here for more conference info!

I will be teaching a great anatomy clinic!  I'm very excited by this clinic.

Hoof Anatomy Clinics

My Hoof Anatomy Clinics are geared towards anyone involved with horses.    

This is a confidence building clinic.  

See what the hoof is built around:

  • see the lamina and sole corium
  • see the digital cushion and lateral cartilage
  • look at sole thickness and concavity
  • various coffin bones
  • compare toe length and coffin bone placement in various hooves
  • see how the heels and bars grow

I start the day with anatomy, but then cover the basics of trimming.

This clinic format helps anyone 

  1. see distortion in the hoof capsule
  2. recognize hoof balance with or without shoes
  3. understand certain lamenesses better
  4. learn about frog and wall issues

Natural Hoof Trimming Clinics

My Natural Hoof Trimming Clinics teach owners the basics of trimming.  

I go over the mechanics of trimming and show many examples.  

For each hoof I go through my thought process and then demonstrate trimming:

  • give my impression of the hoof and the horse
  • how I assess the hoof
  • where I visualize the coffin bone placement
  • what my priorities would be for each foot
  • explain how and what I am trimming
  • discuss any questions

Other Clinic Formats

  • Tool Use and Safety Clinics
  • Pony Club/ 4H/ Saddle Club Clinics

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