Healthy Hooves

It's nice to see examples of healthy hooves.

A nice healthy hoof

Here is how I assess this hoof

  • I trust my first impression!
  • Assess the balance of the hoof.
  • Visualize placement of the coffin bone.
  • Prioritize what part of the hoof needs the most attention.

  • My first impression of this hoof is that it is healthy. The hoof walls look thick, straight and only have faint surface cracks.

    The toe doesn't look particularly long and the heels are not under run.

    This Warmblood mare now has very good feet. When I met her, they were very cracked and flat.

    With trimming, the cracks improved but not the concavity. Proper supplementation of Zn and Cu worked very well. She now has relatively concave feet and is more comfortable.

    That really isn't the point of this page. I wanted to show an example of trimming a healthy hoof.

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